Mental Health and Hip Hop: The Late XXXTentacion

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Mental Health and Hip Hop: The Late XXXTentacion

Mental health has become a prominent topic in pop culture recently, with many rappers making music that addresses mental illness. XXXTentacion was one of those artists who championed this cause with open arms; throughout his career he explored themes like suicide, depression, anxiety and sadness through his music.

He was an accomplished artist who wrote songs spanning across different genres such as hip hop, emo and indie rock. His large fan base was drawn to his unique sound and powerful songs with poignant messages.

His music helped him connect with fans dealing with their own mental health struggles and encouraged them to seek assistance.

XXXTentacion stood out among other rappers by not hiding his battle with mental illness, speaking candidly about it both in interviews and his music. He reportedly suffered from depression and bipolar disorder, issues which were frequently reflected in his songs.

On his debut album, “17,” he wrote of feeling a sense of hopelessness and loneliness. On his most recent studio album “The Fall,” he described this depression as an “emotional breakdown.”

The rapper’s music was praised for being dark and introspective, exploring themes related to mortality. Unfortunately, his unpredictable behavior left a shadow that haunted his legacy and often came up during conversations surrounding his passing.

In the months after his death, several troubling incidents occurred. A video emerged online depicting him ambushing and beating a man; he also boasted about abusing his gay cellmate; finally, in 2016 he was arrested for abusing a pregnant woman.

These heartbreaking stories have caused some people to ask how we should commemorate XXXTentacion in the media. Additionally, they sparked a discussion regarding how fans should engage with his family and fellow fans after his passing.

No matter the tragedies that took his life, it is important to remember XXXTentacion as an intelligent and sensitive young man. In “Look at Me: XXXTentacion,” director Sabaah Folayan shows us a side of 20-year old that has yet to be explored in popular media.

Folayan, who had aspirations to be a filmmaker herself, hopes her film will encourage more people to show compassion and humanity. She has received numerous emails from people around the world seeking more details about XXXTentacion’s life and death.

The documentary’s most striking aspect is how it portrays XXXTentacion’s mental health. It utilizes archive footage and interviews with family and friends of the singer to explore this issue.

Folayan’s film not only portrays the singer’s innermost struggles and strength, but it also provides context for his tragic death. Many of the interviews featured are drawn from court records and other official documents that chronicle the rapper’s life.

It is evident that XXXTentacion’s fans have taken his example to heart, advocating mental health awareness in their daily lives and using their voices to share their stories. They aren’t afraid to express their emotions on forums or social media accounts, nor do they hesitate discussing their struggles with depression openly. This is possible because the community they have created provides them with a safe space where these struggles feel real and accepted.

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