Mental Health Awareness Month 2020

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Mental Health Awareness Month 2020

Mental health is an integral part of our lives. It shapes how we think, act, and relate to others; it also plays a major role in physical wellbeing as well. Therefore, raising mental health awareness within workplaces and other settings where people work is important for de-stigmatizing the topic while encouraging employees to seek help if they are experiencing difficulties with their own mental wellbeing.

According to the National Institutes of Health, one in five Americans will experience mental illness at some point during their lifetime. Even those without these conditions can face difficulties that negatively affect their own mental wellbeing or that of someone they care about.

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month to raise awareness for the various mental health issues that can negatively impact someone’s wellbeing. It’s an ideal time to share information about mental health online or face-to-face, connect with those who require care or attend screenings related to it, and promote positive mental health behaviors.

It is beneficial to be screened for mental health conditions during an annual physical, which many primary care providers do automatically. If a screening appears on your report, it’s essential that you discuss it with your primary care provider and learn ways to enhance your emotional well-being.

This month, organizations across the nation come together to recognize and combat mental illness. Organizations such as the American Psychological Association and Mental Health America host events, fundraisers, or community outreach efforts to bring attention to mental health.

Some mental health conditions respond well to treatment and can be avoided by recognizing the warning signs and symptoms. If you believe you or someone close to you might have a mental health condition, it’s best to get started on treatment right away.

Inclusion in the workplace is an integral aspect of mental health and can have a significant effect on how employees view their job. Employees who feel comfortable sharing their worries with managers and other colleagues are much more likely to receive appropriate support, including treatment when necessary.

Hosting a mental health awareness event during May is an effective way to bring this topic into the spotlight in the workplace, destigmatize it and boost employee support for it. It can be an enjoyable and lighthearted way for your team to promote this important issue while giving them time to relieve stress, socialize, and improve their mental wellbeing simultaneously.

Painting therapy can be a fun and relaxing way for your staff to de-stress while also raising awareness for mental health. Arranging a painting party in your office on Friday evenings or setting up an open studio where people can drop by any time during the week to release their stress while creating art is easy!

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