Mental Health Coalition of North Central Florida

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Mental Health Coalition of North Central Florida

The mental health coalition of north central Florida is an alliance of community organizations dedicated to improving the lives of individuals living with mental illness. Their goal is to increase access to care and reduce stigma.

The Coalition is made up of 12 local agencies that serve the communities within its region. These groups provide mental health services and support to individuals, families and youth.

The coalition has joined forces with Florida Department of Children and Families to guarantee that people living in poverty have access to mental health services. Furthermore, they offer training and consultation on this topic to their partners throughout Florida.

2-1-1 is the state-run mental health crisis line, accessible throughout most parts of California. Dialing 2-1-1 will connect you to a United Way helpline that can offer crisis counseling and guidance or connect you to local mental health services.

Healthy Start of North Central Florida is a collaborative partnership of 12 counties that provides comprehensive prenatal, newborn and family support services through one-stop entry points to necessary resources such as childbirth education, parenting support groups, nutrition advice, healthcare access and social support networks. Participating programs include MIECHV/Parents as Teachers, NewboRN Home Visiting and Nurse-Family Partnership.

SafeHouse is an IMPOWER Program that offers safe shelter, food, clothing, safety planning, case management and individual crisis counseling to Seminole County victims of domestic violence who are in immediate danger. Furthermore, SafeHouse works with victims of sexual assault, violent crime and other traumatic events.

The Mental Health Court is an Alternative Offender Treatment Program that attempts to divert mentally ill defendants with minor criminal charges into community-based services for more personalized and trauma-informed care. This initiative was created after a grand jury report revealed overcrowding in county jails and other issues had created a “revolving door” for these petty offenders, leading to suicides and other incarceration-related crimes.

These services have been proven to reduce revolving doors, reduce recidivism and improve public health outcomes. Furthermore, mental health courts serve as advocates for those suffering from mental illness, working to enhance their quality of life.

Working with the community and learning about working with the mentally ill is an invaluable experience for anyone aspiring to work with people in need. Although it can be challenging at times, this job provides invaluable opportunity to gain more insight into providing assistance to those in need.

Laurie Reisman, LCSW (pronouns She, Her) has over two decades of experience as a therapist, yoga instructor and acupuncturist. Her practice draws upon Asian Energetic healing techniques which are known to promote holistic wellbeing across mind, body and spirit.

She is passionate about healthcare reform, creating and implementing a comprehensive approach that integrates traditional western medicine with natural, non-invasive alternative practices like acupuncture, yoga and energy healing. An avid student of the science of healing, she believes in the innate healing capacity of humans to heal themselves. Currently living in North Central Florida with her husband and two dogs, she’s passionate about this work!

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