Mental Health Cooperative Opens Memphis Location

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Mental Health Cooperative Opens Memphis Location

Mental Health Cooperative has been providing Tennesseans with treatment for severe mental illness for over three decades. At present, its 11 clinics across the state serve more than 20,000 TennCare recipients annually.

MHC is taking an important step toward fulfilling that mission with the opening of their first Memphis location this year. The facility will offer a range of services for children and adults, such as substance abuse treatment, psychiatry services, therapy and care management that connect patients to wraparound services like housing, transportation food and primary healthcare.

Case managers provide these services, helping people manage financial stressors and access social support. MHC also collaborates with hospital dischargers to ensure their soon-to-be discharged patients know about MHC’s offerings and how to access them.

At MHC’s new clinic in Nashville, staff will be able to work with clients who have previously utilized any of its services at other locations throughout Middle and East Tennessee. Some will come in through referrals while others are introduced by word of mouth.

They will have a hospital engagement specialist who will communicate with hospitals about patients nearing discharge. In this way, those individuals can access MHC’s services while still in the hospital and receive additional care should their condition deteriorate.

In an effort to speed up response times and reduce the number of patients needing transport to the emergency room after 911 calls, Nashville is piloting a mental health crisis team that will handle calls without police involvement. Dubbed REACH, this program pairs master’s-level mental health professionals with paramedics from Nashville Fire Department for incidents that do not require police involvement.

This program will run Tuesdays through Fridays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Randolph anticipates REACH experiencing its highest call volume during this time, adding that the fewer calls Metro Government and the city’s 911 service have to handle, the better off both parties will be.

Mental Health Cooperative is also working with Metro Government on Partners in Care, which pairs master’s level clinicians with police officers responding to calls about mental health crises. That program has been successful and, according to Randolph, shows the value of having mental health professionals on-call during times of crisis.

Clients at MHC appreciate its personalized approach. The staff takes time to listen and learn about a patient’s history, goals and difficulties; then they help them create and adhere to an individualized treatment plan.

Geeter said she has experienced this firsthand in her years with MHC. She recalls one instance when MHC took the time to follow up on a patient who passed away and had listed MHC as her next of kin on their medical forms – showing Geeter the kind and compassionate relationship they cultivate with their clients.

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