Michelle’s Massage Therapy & Holistic Spa

Michelle’s Massage Therapy & Holistic Spa

Michelle’s Massage Therapy & Holistic Spa stands above the competition, providing top-notch services in therapeutic, deep tissue, Ashiatsu barefoot massage and more. Book your next appointment online or over the phone with ease; they specialize in wedding and event services too! Most importantly though – their therapists make the experience relaxing and enjoyable for you and your guests!

The spa is a tranquil haven where you can indulge in luxurious pampering without the hustle and bustle of daily life. Their team of talented hygienists, estheticians and massage therapists will make your experience one to remember for years! Whether you want an instant manicure or full body treatment, their quick service salon offers all your beauty needs.

Thank you to our guest for sharing their experience! We hope to see you again soon and in the meantime, have a wonderful day and fill up on delicious food. -Michelle S. We appreciate our community’s support – thanks again!

The most renowned and sought-after treatments at this spa are its signature fusion treatments – the tweenagers.

- Try our sound therapy to lower anxiety 86%, lower insomnia or pain 77%, lower tinnitus 78%, help memory 11-29%, and more (all are averages). It is free to try and share. Repost this information to help others on other networks with the buttons below:
SoundTherapy - listen for an average of 77% less anxiety, insomnia, and pain.