Migraine Prevention Through Massage Therapy

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Migraine Prevention Through Massage Therapy

Migraines are a common chronic illness that can have an enormous effect on your quality of life. Signs include light and sound sensitivity, nausea, and intense head pain that may last days or interfere with work or social activities. Massage has been found to help alleviate migraines by relieving stress and tension in the body.

The American Massage Therapy Association notes that while data on the efficacy of massage for migraine is limited, it is believed to be beneficial. A 2006 study found that those receiving weekly massages as part of their treatment had reduced migraines and improved sleep patterns.

No matter if you experience regular headaches or just occasional ones, a massage therapist can assess your needs and customize a plan tailored specifically for you. They use various techniques to address trigger points and other areas which could cause pain or discomfort. They may also work on jaw, neck and shoulders in an effort to loosen tight muscles.

Massage can also be used to prevent headaches before they happen. A quality massage increases circulation in the brain, which may reduce migraines. Furthermore, it increases serotonin levels – another neurotransmitter that drops during a migraine episode – which increases comfort levels for sufferers.

Migraine sufferers must maintain a regular massage schedule to alleviate symptoms. Your therapist can use various techniques during each session, such as Swedish, myofascial release, reflexology and sports massage if appropriate.

Lymphatic drainage massage, a specialized form of massage, is becoming more and more popular as an effective tool to reduce migraines. This gentle work targets the lymphatic system instead of muscles and can be particularly helpful for people suffering from headaches since it stimulates their immune system to fight off any viruses or bacteria causing the discomfort.

Massage has a very low risk for negative side effects, but you should always consult your doctor before beginning any new routine. Potential complications from massage could include muscle weakness, dizziness and bruising.

It is essential to seek out a licensed massage therapist with expertise in headache therapy. Furthermore, having your masseuse perform a full body exam allows for an in-depth evaluation and guarantees you are receiving top quality care.

Ask your therapist to perform a spinal analysis as this will give you more insight into the underlying causes of your headaches and other symptoms. They may have suggestions for exercises or stretches you can do at home for temporary relief from those pesky migraines.

Another way to prevent headaches is to get up and move around occasionally. Sitting most of the day can reduce blood flow and oxygen to your brain, which could impact both mood and cognitive function. That is why taking even just a few minutes out of each day to move around can be so beneficial.

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