Mindfulness Art Therapy Activities For Kids

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Mindfulness Art Therapy Activities For Kids

Mindfulness-based art therapy utilizes mindfulness techniques and the creative process of art to promote wellness and adaptive responses to stress. This type of treatment may be effective for treating various mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression and ADHD.

Recent research has demonstrated the positive effects of mindfulness and art therapy on mood and stress levels. Participants with heart disease reported feeling better about themselves, managing their condition better than those without; additionally, the activity reduced depression, aggression and anger levels among them.

Art is therapeutic, activating dopamine that helps reduce stress and depression. It promotes self-discovery as well as emotional release.

Create an Emotion Wheel: This enjoyable exercise helps you express how you feel by using different colors to symbolize different emotions at any given moment. It can be done with any age group and serves to relax you and release tension.

Painting to Music: This activity can be enjoyed both individually and in groups. It’s a great way to unwind and get your creative juices flowing. You’ll need various materials like paints, pencils and markers to craft your artwork.

Making a Sensory Bottle: This activity can be done both with groups and individuals. It’s an enjoyable way for children to unwind after a long day or just take some time out for themselves. You can find all the instructions necessary to create sensory bottles here.

Drawing in Sand: This fun and relaxing activity involves drawing with sand like you would do in a Zen garden. It can be an excellent way to get kids calm and focused while teaching them about mindfulness.

Clay Meditation: This activity is ideal for classroom use and it teaches students about breathing while they draw lines. They could even draw circles for each inhale and exhale they take.

Breathing Sticks: These simple tools are an excellent way to teach students about breathing. They can be made with pipe cleaners and beads, providing students with the opportunity to use their breath to self-regulate emotions.

This activity can be done in the classroom or at home with a small group of children. It’s an incredibly therapeutic activity that encourages kids to focus on their breathing while meditating.

Zentangles are a popular and easy to learn pattern that can be drawn quickly. Not only does this promote mindfulness, but it’s also an enjoyable therapeutic activity that helps your children focus on breathing deeply and reduce stress.

Symbolic Lighthouse: This fun, relaxing, and meditative art activity can help to reduce anxiety and stress. It also serves to express feelings of loss, isolation, and hope.

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