Music Therapy For Anxiety With Children

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Music Therapy For Anxiety With Children

Music therapy has long been proven to be an effective tool in helping children cope with anxiety. Additionally, it offers them the chance to explore themselves and their feelings more deeply.

Children with anxiety often find solace in creating songs or instruments, expressing themselves and gaining control over their feelings. This can result in greater self-esteem and assurance which may spillover into other aspects of their lives.

Music therapy is a therapeutic program tailored to each child or adolescent’s individual needs, designed by a certified music therapist with expertise in both science and psychology of music. Your child or adolescent will work closely with this therapist to find their unique voice within music while developing skills necessary for success in school and life.

The type of music your music therapist will use during sessions depends on the age and developmental level of your child or adolescent. Your therapist will create an atmosphere that is comfortable yet secure so that your child can express their emotions freely.

A common strategy is to utilize a slow, relaxing tune or instrumental piece that engages multiple body systems in order to induce relaxation. Your child might even be encouraged to play an instrument or sing their favorite song as part of an activity designed to boost their self-esteem and give them more control over their feelings during therapy sessions.

Anxiety often presents physically in kids through sweating, shakiness, fidgeting or a rapid heartbeat. It may also cause gastrointestinal problems like loss of appetite or nausea. The rhythm created by the music therapist helps relax your child’s breathing, reduce muscle tension and provide them with an inner peace that everyone can feel.

Infants especially benefit from music’s calming effect, which has been known to increase motor skills and enhance cognitive functioning. A music therapist can reduce stress in babies and toddlers by singing to them, playing a musical game or providing instruments for them to play – all of which have been demonstrated to increase motor skills and reduce stress levels.

This approach can be advantageous not only for your child, but you as well. It helps you feel in control and at ease while dealing with anxiety in your child.

Music can be an effective coping mechanism for children with social anxiety or who struggle socializing at school. Furthermore, it strengthens their communication abilities.

One of the greatest advantages of music is that it’s non-threatening and easy to join in. This makes it a great option for children who might otherwise feel reluctant to express their fears and anxieties.

At the initial session, your child’s music therapist will observe your child in their regular environment and assess their anxiety level. After taking a brief history of your concerns, they can then work together with you on possible solutions.

After this initial meeting, your child’s therapist will create a referral and consent form to begin scheduling sessions. They will reach out to you later to arrange dates and times that work best for both of you.

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