Music Therapy Internships

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Music Therapy Internships

Music therapy is an interdisciplinary field that utilizes music and related arts as a therapeutic tool to promote health and well-being. A career in this field can be rewarding and fulfilling; students may pursue either a bachelor’s degree in music therapy or earn the equivalent, known as the Music Therapy Equivalency Certificate.

The equivalency degree program offers the same coursework as a bachelor’s degree in music, plus courses to prepare students for national board certification. Topics range from human behavior and psychology to music history and other specializations.

Students pursuing the Music Therapist degree must complete a 6-month internship. This internship serves to give students practical experience and prepare them for life as a music therapist.

Internships in music therapy are usually coordinated through a university music department, though some facilities may have their own music therapy department. The AMTA National Roster of Internship Programs provides an invaluable list of all facilities offering music therapy internships – making it an invaluable resource for prospective interns.

Claire has a deep-seated passion for music and loves to share it with others. After earning her Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy from Sam Houston State University, Claire now works with children in Cypress, TX – something she feels passionate about deeply.

She has extensive experience working in school districts, juvenile detention centers, assisted living/skilled nursing facilities and hospice. Additionally, she is passionate about using PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System) as a communication tool for individuals who have Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities.

Her favorite aspects of music therapy are the interpersonal connections she forms with patients and clients. Furthermore, she loves being a mentor and imparting knowledge about its many benefits to others.

Brian was raised in Denton, Texas and graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 2018. As an Associate at RGV Music Therapy in Fort Worth, TX, he has experience working with a range of individuals including children with autism, adults with severe disabilities, veterans living in assisted living or hospice settings and more.

He is thrilled to join the team at Music Therapy Solutions and hopes to share his passion for music with others while helping them improve their lives. When not working, he enjoys spending time with family, reading books, and listening to music.

Carey Dyer is a native Texan who has lived in the Dallas area for 15 years. He earned his undergraduate degree in music from Union University and his graduate degree in communication from Southwestern Seminary. A member of both the American Music Therapy Association and Dallas Area Society for Music Therapy, Carey has also completed a distance learning Music Therapy Equivalency program through Saint Mary-of-the Woods College in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Gina is a licensed, certified, and board-certified music therapist. She graduated from Texas Woman’s University with a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy and has extensive experience working with children with complex medical or behavioral needs. Gina has an immense passion for creating nurturing environments where children can flourish.

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