Music Therapy Masters Programs

Music Therapy Masters Programs

A master’s degree is one of the highest credentials a music therapist can attain, giving them the tools to enhance clinical skills and deepen their understanding of music therapy. There are various master’s programs available for music therapists to choose from; those preparing them for advanced practice or those that allow students to specialize their degree in research or teaching.

NYU Steinhardt — Situated on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, New York University offers an M.A. in Music Therapy and Counseling (48 credit hours), perfect for those wanting to work with children and adults who have emotional or developmental delays. Furthermore, this program provides ample research and internship opportunities throughout NYC.

Drexel University – This private research university offers an M.A. in Music Therapy & Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis on counseling. The degree is accredited by both the American Association of Colleges of Arts and Sciences and National Association of Schools of Music, boasting courses such as clinical improvisation, assessment, group music therapy, music psychotherapy and professional level writing.

Ohio University — Situated an hour away from Columbus, the Ohio University campus offers an M.M. in Music Therapy as well as a combined equivalency certificate to those with bachelor’s degrees in music therapy. Furthermore, they have a doctoral program in both music therapy and counseling.

Wartburg College — Wartburg College, a Lutheran liberal arts college located near Saint Louis, offers an M.A. in Music Therapy with a thesis track (36 credits). To be eligible for admission, applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree and pass both an interview and audition.

Georgia College & State University — This public liberal arts college located an hour and a half north of Atlanta offers an M.M. in Music Therapy with a thesis track. To be admitted into this program, candidates must possess either a bachelor’s degree in music therapy or another related field and complete both an online application form as well as participating in an hour-long audition and interview.

Maryville University of Saint Louis — Situated in a suburban area of Saint Louis, Maryville University offers an M.M. in Music Therapy that is primarily offered through distance learning methods. To apply, applicants must attend both an audition and interview as well as provide their resume and letter of reference.

Shenandoah University — Situated 75 miles northwest of Washington, D.C., Shenandoah offers an M.M. in Music therapy that is delivered online as part of their hybrid degree program. In addition to an one-hour interview and audition, applicants must also complete a portfolio of references as well as obtain a letter of recommendation from two faculty members.

Frost School of Music — Based in North Carolina, the Frost School of Music offers an M.M. in Music Therapy to those who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and certification from the Certification Board for Music Therapists. As part of their program requirements, students must complete 36 semester hours of coursework including verbal skills for music therapists as well as advanced theoretical foundations of music therapy.

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