Music Therapy Research 3rd Edition by Wheeler and Murphy

Music Therapy Research 3rd Edition by Wheeler and Murphy

From the esteemed Wheeler and Murphy, this condensed version of their 1995 text is more than worthy of upgrading.

This book is expertly crafted, with an emphasis on music therapy research model. Divided into nine chapters, each covering a different research topic and method, the authors have taken great effort to identify important information and include comprehensive overviews of related fields. Furthermore, they include an extensive list of references which can be easily accessed via an online database.

The 3rd edition is an ideal addition to any television room and has earned our highest rating. Available in both printed and Kindle ebook formats, the price tag for this book is a fraction of what you would pay for similar content from major publishers. With such great value at their disposal, music therapists should definitely add this title to their library!

Much appreciated! (Credit Card Required) Michael H. Isenberg, PhD – 2017 Copyright All Rights Reserved.

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