Music Therapy Salary 2017

Music Therapy Salary 2017

If you are passionate about music and want to turn that passion into a career, there are several paths you can take. One option is enrolling in a bachelor’s degree program designed specifically for Music Therapists so that you are equipped with all necessary knowledge for this rewarding profession.

Marietta College offers a Bachelor of Science in Music Therapy that can help you turn your passion for music into a lifelong career dedicated to helping others. Through this program, you’ll discover how to create an encouraging musical environment which will give people with disabilities feelings of self-worth and empowerment as well as an improved outlook on life.

The field of music therapy is rapidly expanding, with numerous colleges and universities offering undergraduate and graduate degrees that can lead to board certification as a Music Therapist. Furthermore, numerous national and regional organizations provide trainings and internships in this exciting profession.

Becoming a Music Therapist requires hard work and dedication, but it can be an incredibly rewarding career that offers students the chance to help people of all ages overcome health and life challenges. To pursue this degree, students must possess multiple instruments, have an enthusiasm for music, as well as be willing to dedicate enough time to complete their education.

To become a licensed and certified music therapist, you must earn your bachelor’s degree from an accredited music therapy program. Furthermore, you must complete at least an internship and pass the licensing exam in order to practice.

Although it is possible to become a Music Therapist without a degree, some professionals suggest that students considering this profession should pursue either a bachelor’s in music and minor in psychology. When selecting colleges for this career path, make sure they offer an accredited music therapy program rather than simply majoring in psychology or another subject.

Some colleges offering music therapy degrees also have undergraduate programs that can be completed within two years, making it easier for students to secure an internship in this exciting field.

The salary of a Music Therapist can vary significantly based on where you work and how long you have been practicing the profession. In Orlando, Florida for example, the average music therapist salary is $45,611, which is 2% below the national median.

Music therapists typically enjoy more free time during their working week than the average worker. This gives them the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends, as well as attend social events that are important to them. This can be especially advantageous for those suffering from physical illnesses or disabilities which make it difficult to socialize outside of work.

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