Music Therapy Services in Aurora, Colorado

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Music Therapy Services in Aurora, Colorado

Music therapy is an evidence-based treatment method that utilizes music to address physical, cognitive, emotional and/or social needs. It has the potential to enhance an individual’s quality of life as well as reduce symptoms associated with mental health conditions like depression, anxiety and stress.

Music therapists provide individual or group sessions that use songs, sounds, musical instruments and creative activities to promote healing. They work with both children and adults alike to help them express emotions, increase self-awareness, develop social skills and manage pain or medical conditions.

Aurora, CO is home to several music therapy services that offer individual and group sessions. While some therapists specialize in particular types of mental health issues, others provide a more general service.

Elevate Music Therapy in Northern Colorado provides music therapy services for a variety of goals, such as cognitive, sensory motor, speech/language and socio-emotional. Their team at Elevate takes a client-centric approach to therapy; they understand that building therapeutic relationships is essential to providing effective care, so they strive to maintain an encouraging atmosphere with high client engagement levels.

Elevate’s therapists are credentialed and licensed by the state of Colorado, having completed a master’s degree in music therapy as well as earning board certification (MT-BC). Furthermore, they possess extensive experience working with children, adolescents, and adults in mental health facilities, outpatient clinics, hospitals, and senior living communities.

Mountain Melodies provides evidence-based treatment through client-centered music therapy, focusing on all aspects of an individual’s wellbeing. They serve people of all ages and abilities, including older adults, children and adults with cognitive or developmental disabilities, people living with stroke or multiple sclerosis, as well as people suffering from traumatic brain injuries.

Kristen holds a Masters in Music Therapy from Slippery Rock University, emphasizing culturally responsive approaches to music therapy. She is qualified to provide both in-person services and telehealth solutions via Skype. Her areas of specialty include autism spectrum disorders/neurodiverse populations, mental health, life transitions and self-empowerment.

Maddie recently earned her Bachelor’s of Arts in Music Therapy from the University of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. After completing an internship at Possible with Music in Aurora, CO, she is now providing remote music therapy services to clients throughout Colorado. With extensive clinical experience working with individuals with neurodevelopmental disabilities, behavioral disorders and other health concerns, Maddie is well-equipped to meet her clients’ needs.

Naomi earned her Bachelor’s of Music in Music Therapy from Colorado State University and has extensive experience working with pediatrics, early intervention programs, adults with intellectual disabilities and community-based groups of all ages and abilities. Additionally, Naomi has expertise in mental health care, geriatrics, stroke rehabilitation and hospice care.

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