Music Therapy Services Near Me

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Music Therapy Services Near Me

Music therapy services near me are provided in a range of settings, such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes and outpatient clinics. Often these therapists work with individuals suffering from mental health issues, substance abuse disorders and chronic pain conditions.

Individuals and families seeking assistance with their child’s development can benefit from music therapy. Whether the child has autism, developmental delays, or other challenges that prevent them from interacting socially, music therapy is an effective tool for improving communication, social skills and learning.

For nearly two decades, Mount Sinai-Union Square’s Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy has been a pioneering force in this field and an internationally renowned center for research and clinical practice. Its clinicians possess vast expertise working with individuals and groups to address many different health needs.

A Certified Music Therapist works with people of all ages and abilities to promote physical, emotional, cognitive and social wellbeing through music. Studies are showing that this field is growing, with increasing evidence demonstrating its beneficial effects on recovery from medical conditions as well as across life’s stages.

At Roman Music Therapy Services, our Board-Certified Music Therapists use music to unlock an individual’s potential and give them the tools for successful interactions and meaningful experiences. Through a multimodal approach that incorporates instrumental improvisation, singing and song writing, our clients discover their own musical strengths while developing coping strategies for dealing with life’s obstacles.

Our therapeutic approach is a collaborative one that involves both the client and therapist in setting goals for their sessions. Together, they create personalized treatment plans that incorporate activities like active listening, instrumental improvisation, singing, movement, composing or performing.

Group Music Therapy is available to children of all ages and abilities. Group sessions are co-created by the therapist and client with the purpose of building healthy relationships, encouraging socialization, and developing new musical abilities.

Our therapeutic approach begins with a thorough assessment of each client’s needs and goals for treatment. Following consultation, we make a determination together with the client and family regarding the course of action.

Music therapy has been proven to have clinical benefits, as well as reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and mood, boost self-esteem, develop coping skills and enhance quality of life. Our therapists offer support, guidance and encouragement so our clients can reach their objectives and live lives to the fullest.

Although there is no federal law requiring insurance companies to cover music therapy services, most private insurers do. Examples include Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, Medicaid and Medicare.

In addition to private payers, many state departments of mental health and developmental disabilities, state adoption subsidy programs, and foundations provide funding for music therapy. For further details on this matter, contact AMTA’s Government Relations Director Judy Simpson MT-BC.

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