Music Therapy Volunteer Opportunities Near Me

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Music Therapy Volunteer Opportunities Near Me

Music can be a powerful healing force. It reduces anxiety, provides comfort and an overall sense of well-being for patients, while helping them express themselves and manage stress. Volunteers who wish to give back can get involved with their local hospital or senior center by offering music therapy or another creative activity.

Playing an instrument in a hospital hallway or lobbies can be an uplifting and relaxing experience for musicians, while providing a soothing atmosphere to patients and visitors alike. Hallway Musicians should aim to perform at least an hour of non-repeating musical selections during their performances.

Volunteer musicians perform regularly throughout the hospital, such as in public areas such as cafeteria or hallways, and at special events throughout the year. Their performance sets usually last about 30 minutes.

Performers can choose to perform solo, with a small group, or as part of an ensemble. When selecting pieces to perform, choose ones that are pleasing and upbeat with an emphasis on melody, harmony and tone. Furthermore, be able to adjust your style and tempo according to the needs of listeners.

Junior Joy Givers are trained social/musical visitors to older adults in skilled nursing facilities. Utilizing principles and approaches developed by professional music therapists, these individuals engage residents in basic rhythm activities, listening to live or recorded music, informal conversations about musical preferences and experiences, as well as singing.

This program is offered free of charge to young people aged 15-19 and encourages them to contribute their time and talent in fostering the spirit of service and volunteerism. It requires an investment of time and talent as well as instilling in them an attitude of service and gratitude.

Kids’ Own Studio volunteers play an integral role in the production of multimedia projects for patients and their families. At Kid’s Own Studio, volunteers prepare and shoot video with state-of-the-art equipment while engaging with patients and their families.

The PCR Chorus is a music therapy/choral group that meets twice monthly and performs in concert at the end of the semester. Volunteers must have an interest in singing and be committed to being part of the group for at least one semester.

Movin’ Along is a low-impact aerobic exercise program that incorporates dance, balance and coordination exercises set to upbeat modern music. This makes the program ideal for people with mobility challenges; it takes place Tuesdays 7:00-8:30 PM in Potomac and Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 PM in Rockville.

NoteAbles is a music therapy/music enjoyment group that emphasizes basic music skills through drumming, singing, dance and movement as well as socializing exercises. This is an ideal opportunity for those unfamiliar with music therapy but who enjoy a healthy social atmosphere and wish to enhance their skill set.

Communication Counts is a therapeutic and expressive communication group for individuals with disabilities who have both verbal and nonverbal needs. Through body movements and facial expressions, participants express emotions, share information, and answer questions.

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