Natura Sound Therapy PC Review

Natura Sound Therapy PC Review

Natura Sound Therapy PC is an easy-to-use program designed to help you unwind with sounds sourced directly from nature. With more than 30 different sounds available, such as melodies of the ocean, birds singing, wind sounds and more – there’s sure to be something suitable for everyone’s preferences.

The program includes 14 captivating landscapes to add a visual dimension to the relaxation process. This makes the application more pleasant to use and helps reduce stress levels.

With this program, you can select your own sound, color and image to customize your experience. This will enable you to quickly and easily reach various states of relaxation, concentration or sleep.

This program features 34 nature and music sounds as well as several special visualizations to lift your spirits and enhance quality of life. Plus, its Brainwave Synchronizer feature can help focus, solve problems, relax, meditate, or even heal the body.

Furthermore, this software permits you to save over 100 of your custom mixes. Furthermore, it comes with 38 preset combinations of its unique sounds and visuals which can be tailored for various purposes.

This application is free to try and can be downloaded and installed on any Windows system. It belongs to the Health & Nutrition category and was developed by Blissive Software.

With this program, you can experience the serenity of nature without ever leaving your home. It comes with an array of colors and various background images which can be further personalized using plug-ins. Furthermore, it features a Countdown Timer to help plan meditation sessions or regulate sleep patterns.

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