NM Outpatient Physical Therapy Medical Arts

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NM Outpatient Physical Therapy Medical Arts

If you have been involved in an accident, experienced a traumatic injury, or require rehabilitation after surgery, unm outpatient physical therapy medical arts can assist. Our professional therapists will work with you to improve strength, flexibility and balance so as to reduce pain and restore function.

Our therapists are certified in the art of human movement and utilize cutting-edge techniques, including manual therapy, to increase mobility and reduce pain. They collaborate closely with patients to assess their individual needs and create a tailored plan of care tailored specifically for them.

Clinical Focus: General Musculoskeletal Conditions, Sports Medicine, Dry Needling, Spinal Manipulations, Vestibular Rehabilitation and Post-Op Rehab.

Maggie earned her doctorate of physical therapy from Grand Canyon University and Hardin Simmons College, and has been practicing since 2014. As a Neuro-IFRAH Certified Therapist, Maggie enjoys treating a wide range of patient populations including pediatrics, orthopaedics, neuro post-op, spine surgeries and geriatrics.

Jennifer graduated with her bachelor’s degree from Central New Mexico Community College and has been a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant for eight years. Her passion lies in aiding patients regain their functional level of independence as well as improving quality of life for them.

Eileen is a Physical Therapist Assistant who graduated from Mid-Plains Community College and Pima Medical Institute. She enjoys helping her patients through the treatment process and making each session enjoyable for them. As a Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner, Eileen believes that therapy should be fun and engaging for everyone involved.

Lawrence Herrera has been appointed Clinic Director at the new location. A native of Pojoaque, NM, he has been practicing physical therapy since 2012. His experience allows him to treat patients of varying backgrounds and provide personalized treatments tailored towards each individual’s needs.

Provide patient education on health and wellness through a patient-centric approach, providing information regarding upcoming appointments, referrals, medications, exercise programs, and other topics tailored to each individual’s needs. Evaluate patient charts regularly; report progress; adjust treatment plans as necessary

Maintain the confidentiality of patient accounts and employee information in accordance with HIPAA guidelines.

The Division of Physical Therapy at the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center offers a comprehensive education to prepare graduates for practice in New Mexico. The curriculum is designed to equip students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be ethical and competent practitioners in physical therapy. The entry-level professional clinical doctorate program lasts 34 months and requires 33 weeks full-time clinical practice before graduation.

The Division of Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing an educational setting that fosters competence in teaching, research, supervision, consultation and health promotion & dysfunction prevention. It offers New Mexico residents a rare chance to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to become physical therapists and serve their state and beyond with excellence.

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