Occupational Therapy Pediatrics Can Help If You Have Anxiety

Occupational Therapy Pediatrics Can Help If You Have Anxiety

Anxiety is a common emotion, but it can have a devastating effect on your life if it starts to prevent you from functioning. It could be due to work pressures, exams or another major life event. If you find yourself feeling anxious for an extended period of time, this could indicate that you have an anxiety disorder.

The initial step to seeking out an occupational therapist is talking with your pediatrician about your worries. They may refer you to a private therapy clinic or suggest seeking early intervention through your local school system or mental health provider.

Once referred to an occupational therapist, both you and your child will meet with them to discuss goals. They’ll ask questions about daily activities, worries, and what benefits you hope to achieve from therapy.

Occupational therapists can teach your child the necessary skills for success in everyday tasks such as feeding, dressing and playing. These occupational skills lay the foundation for independence and socialization later in life.

Children with developmental delays, sensory processing issues, autism spectrum disorders and other medical conditions often struggle to perform daily activities. We can help them learn to do these tasks more easily and with less frustration.

Our therapists use therapeutic techniques and activities to help your child build these skills, relax their nervous system, and develop better self-esteem and assurance. The benefits can be life changing for not only your child but their whole family as well!

If your child struggles with anxiety, we can collaborate with your family to develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to meet his or her specific needs and objectives. Our therapists will assist in recognizing the triggers causing their distress and devising methods to reduce or eliminate them.

Anxiety can disrupt your child’s daily activities, making it challenging for them to manage tasks at home, school and in social settings. Furthermore, anxiety makes it more challenging for them to enjoy life and experience joy.

Pediatric occupational therapists can assist your child in developing the skills they need to succeed in daily life. They specialize in fine motor, visual motor, sensory motor and social development so that your child is able to participate more readily and with greater pride in all aspects of daily living.

Occupational therapists can also help your child boost their self-esteem and confidence, so that they are better able to tackle their fears with greater ease. This is particularly useful if the anxiety is preventing your child from engaging in social situations such as going to parties or events.

Anxiety is one of the most prevalent emotional conditions among children and teenagers, classified into six distinct types. Generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, and specific phobias are the most widespread.

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