Omron Tens Therapy – Medical Treatment For Pain Relief

Omron Tens Therapy – Medical Treatment For Pain Relief

TENS therapy (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is a proven medical solution for pain relief. This procedure uses small electric currents to stimulate nerves throughout the body, blocking or shutting out pain signals from reaching the brain and activating endorphins – our body’s natural pain relievers.

It can also improve blood circulation by stimulating muscle contraction and relaxation. It is a secure, non-invasive pain relief method that can be used at home or by a healthcare professional.

The Omron Tens therapy device is lightweight and portable, giving you convenient pain relief on-the-go or at work. Plus, its large buttons make use easy with an included pamphlet explaining proper electrode placement for successful treatment sessions.

These 25% larger pads are ideal for larger muscle areas and lower back pain. They’re self-adhesive and washable up to 10 times. Packaged in a sturdy plastic holder, these pads are easy to store and transport.

The OMRON Max Power Relief is an impressive TENS unit that can be used for various types of pain, such as lower back and recurring knee and shoulder issues. It has six pain modes tailored towards specific areas and three massage modes to target sore spots on the body and help ease soreness.

It runs on two AAA batteries and can easily be stored in a purse or pocket. You have up to 15 minutes of usage time per day with this device.

Tens device use is simple – simply plug it in and place the pads at least 2.5 cm apart where you are experiencing pain. The tens device will then begin providing electrical stimulation to nearby nerves.

If you’re uncertain if a Tens device is appropriate for you, consult with your physician. They may suggest another therapy option.

TENS machines should not be used on children, pregnant women or those with implanted metal or electronic devices such as pacemakers or other similar medical equipment.

It is recommended that you discontinue use of the OMRON tens therapy device if you experience any adverse reactions, such as skin irritation, redness or burning, headache or other discomfort. You should also stop if your pain appears to be getting worse or lasts more than five days.

The OMRON tens therapy device is user-friendly, requiring little or no training. Simply attach the pads to the device, and it will begin providing electrical stimulation near where there is pain.

According to your pain level and setting selected, you may experience tapping, tingling or mild muscle contractions. Start off slowly by selecting a low setting then gradually increase it until comfortable.

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