Online Masters in Music Therapy

Online Masters in Music Therapy

Online masters in music therapy offer advanced instruction on the use of music to address mental health and social justice issues. They offer you a chance to progress your career by broadening your practice and knowledge base. Many of these degrees place an emphasis on research, enabling you to apply cutting-edge science and technology directly into your professional work.

Indiana University offers an online MS in Music Therapy for board-certified music therapists seeking advanced study in music psychotherapy and technology. You’ll have the chance to focus on your area of interest through electives as well.

This program is accredited by the American Music Therapy Association and can be completed entirely online in up to two years, though some students may take longer to finish coursework and clinical work.

Candidates for admission must possess a baccalaureate degree in music or an associated field and be enrolled as full-time students. The application process includes an interview and musical demonstration.

Drexel University’s MA in Music Therapy and Counseling program, one of few such programs on a health sciences campus, provides coursework and clinical experience with multicultural perspectives. Topics covered include Human Psychological Development, Clinical Diagnosis, Group Dynamics and Theories of Psychotherapy – all essential for those aspiring to Pennsylvania professional counseling licensure.

Coursework is delivered through lectures and tutorials, plus you’ll complete two years worth of supervised work placements that total 640 hours.

Our faculty consists of knowledgeable, experienced professionals with advanced training in music therapy. Additionally, they possess expertise in other creative arts such as art and dance/movement therapies, plus medical knowledge regarding medical, behavioral and disabling conditions.

With a comprehensive curriculum and multiple supervised adult and child clinical placement opportunities, you’ll gain invaluable hands-on experience in various health care settings. You’ll learn how to assess clients’ needs and create treatment plans tailored towards each individual’s individual goals and needs.

At the College of Applied Sciences and Arts, you’ll have daily interactions with faculty and students from other disciplines to gain a unique perspective on music’s health and healing benefits. Furthermore, many students take advantage of graduate study opportunities in areas like psychology or neuroscience to deepen their knowledge about this dynamic field.

Established in 1975, this program is one of a few nationally that is housed on a health science campus and offers an innovative blend of art and health sciences education. The curriculum is guided by the philosophy of culturally responsive interprofessional education to promote critical thinking and social awareness.

Students have two tracks to select from: Clinical Practice track or Research track. The latter requires more advanced research courses, culminating in a thesis project which can be taken anytime after fulfilling all core requirements of the program.

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