Payment Plans

We have three payment plans that you can choose from, and they all have 14 free days to see if the sounds are working for you. Research shows that there are positive changes for many needs within 14 days for most people using the sounds 2-3 times a week. For example, the pain and anxiety sound therapy is shown to lower chronic pain and anxiety by 77% on average within two weeks of listening multiple days a week for one hour a day. You can listen several days a week, and the effects last for days after.

The more times you listen, the more you memorize the rhythms and the way it feels to be able to do it on your own by memory (without the sounds). You can also share your membership and login information for free with family, friends (online and in person) and people in your community for free (including people you know or help at work). You can share the cost if you want, and it is cheaper than a full Netflix plan. The payment plans are described below.

You can click on a payment plan below to go to our signup page to use the sounds and guidance:

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