Physical Therapy Jobs Near Me

Physical Therapy Jobs Near Me

Are you searching for a job with plenty of variety and excellent earning potential? Consider physical therapy jobs. In these professions, individuals collaborate with patients to aid in recovery from injuries and improving mobility through various exercises and devices.

Physical therapists (PTs) are essential members of the healthcare team and help patients reclaim their independence by improving range of motion, coordination and balance. Furthermore, PTs offer pain management treatments as well as advice on healthy living practices.

Physical therapists can be found in hospitals, outpatient clinics, schools, nursing homes and private practices. After conducting an initial examination to establish diagnoses and prognoses for each patient, physical therapists create a care plan which includes performing assessments as well as revisiting patients to adjust the plan as needed.

There are various routes to becoming a teacher, with most requiring at least a bachelor’s degree. You could also pursue a master’s degree for more money or specialization within the field.

High-paying positions include physical therapists in outpatient care services, with an average salary of $111,410 annually in 2021. Home healthcare services were also among the highest paying sectors with therapists earning more than $105,000 annually.

Employment of physical therapists is expected to grow at an impressive 21 percent from 2020-2030, outpacing the overall job growth rate of 11 percent. This is great news as it ensures you will always have a job, even as populations age and medical needs evolve.

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