Piedmont Music Therapy

Piedmont Music Therapy

Piedmont Music Therapy provides clients, students and programs in Mecklenburg & York Counties with support, empowerment and encouragement to reach their goals rooted in music therapy and social work theory. PMT meets clients where they are at and works to improve their quality of life while nurturing the next generation of board certified music therapists through education initiatives and community involvement activities.

Music therapy is the use of music as part of the treatment for various disorders and conditions. Studies have demonstrated that individuals can benefit from music therapy’s abilities to cope with illness, trauma, grief and loss as well as manage stress, boost self-esteem or build confidence.

Music therapy sessions often involve active-music listening, music improvisation and writing songs to explore therapeutic themes such as grief or trauma. This helps create new memories, relax the body and mind, promote healthy coping techniques and encourage self-expression and creativity.

Music therapy provides clients with a way to process their emotions through lyrics, often guided by their therapist. This is especially helpful when confronting difficult topics verbally.

Music therapists have the unique opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals and abilities, while being trained on various instruments and techniques. This could include singing, playing drums or guitar, as well as instrumental percussion.

The initial step in receiving music therapy is completing an intake form and having it reviewed by one of our music therapists. They then determine whether treatment is suitable and suggest length, frequency and focus based on client needs. Both the therapist and family are informed of assessment results, recommended session length/frequency/focus as well as any additional resources that will be utilized during treatment.

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