Plant Therapy Pain Aid Review

Plant Therapy Pain Aid Review

Plant therapy pain aids are an ideal way to get natural, affordable relief from discomfort. They use essential oils to target the source of the discomfort by increasing circulation – providing you with a sense of well-being. You can add it to your favorite carrier oil, lotion or compress recipes for added benefit.

Plant Therapy is one of the leading brands for essential oils. They sell high-quality oils at reasonable prices and even offer a 90 day money back guarantee!

The company is renowned for its essential oils and has received many positive reviews on Amazon. As a member of the Direct Selling Association, they adhere to an intensive quality control process.

Their oils are never diluted and do not contain synthetic ingredients or additives. Each batch of oil they purchase undergoes organoleptic testing by quality assurance expert Robert Tisserand before being sent for third-party verification; every batch is tested 3-5 times to guarantee its purity and quality.

They source from around the world and vet each farmer and supplier to guarantee top quality products. Furthermore, Planting Kindness is dedicated to giving back a portion of their profits through sales to local and global causes.

Plant Therapy products are infused with CBD, an extract derived from hemp seeds. This CBD is non-GMO, US-grown and free of THC.

Stress, anxiety and depression can be managed better through mindfulness practices. Furthermore, it has the potential to boost one’s self-esteem and foster social connections.

Additionally, it can be an ideal solution for those suffering from sleep issues or insomnia. Furthermore, it has the potential to reduce muscle tension and aches as well.

This oil comes in a 10ml bottle and can be used for massage, baths, and compresses. It’s safe for children with its strong medicinal aroma.

For those suffering from rashes, eczema or other skin conditions, this oil is an ideal choice as it contains all of the essential oils needed to soothe and repair dry, irritated skin. Not only that, but this oil is USDA certified organic and GMO-free with a 90-day money back guarantee included!

They offer a vast selection of essential oil sets, samplers and kits. These are an ideal starting point for anyone new to essential oils or wanting to stock up on essentials. Plus, these sets offer you great savings of 37% when compared with purchasing each oil individually.

Another advantage of Plant Therapy is their lack of MLM models for distribution. MLMs often feature high markups and distributors pay a substantial portion of each product they sell, thus leading to high costs for customers.

Plant Therapy not only sells essential oils, but they also carry body care, household and CBD items. Their extensive line of oils includes the Top 14 Singles Set which includes all of Plant Therapy’s most popular oils – perfect for anyone who uses them frequently!

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