Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Version of the SCAARED

Psychometric Properties of the Spanish Version of the SCAARED

Several studies have been conducted to translate anxiety questionnaires into Spanish. These studies are used to determine the comprehensibility and psychometric properties of translated measures. The purpose of this study was to examine the psychometric properties of the Spanish version of the SCAARED.

In Study 1, a non-clinical sample of college students was recruited from the University of Valencia, Spain. Using convenience and non-probability sampling methods, a sample of 131 participants was recruited. Approximately 92% of the participants were female and 92.4% were male. Despite having a low sample size, the results were analyzed in the same way as the previous studies.

Results showed that the Spanish version of SCAARED behaved similarly to the original English version. Its psychometric properties were excellent. Test-retest stability and internal consistency were both high. Observer ratings of anxiety were also positively correlated to the scores on the scale.

A Spanish translation of the BAI was examined concurrently to the SCAARED. Results of this study suggest that the Spanish version of the BAI is valid and reliable. However, further studies are needed to evaluate sensitivity and specificity.

A small, non-clinical sample of 131 college students was compared to native English speakers’ data. Results showed that all the phrases with magnitude values of 10 were significantly more intense in the Spanish language than in the English language. This indicated that the Spanish phrase selected for the modulus might be perceived to be less intense than the same phrase selected for the English modulus.

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