Red Light Therapy For Chronic Pain

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Red Light Therapy For Chronic Pain

Red light therapy is a reliable, efficient solution for relieving chronic pain. It can be used by individuals of all ages and backgrounds and is often seen as an alternative to opioids or other drugs.

Red light therapy for chronic pain is most often performed using a light bed. Your clinician will determine the most suitable wavelength and intensity of red light therapy based on your health condition; some treatments require more exposure than others.

The therapist can adjust the length of each session based on your pain level and desired healing outcome. Generally, begin with a low dose and gradually increase time spent in the treatment bed as your discomfort subsides. Once these have been addressed, additional sessions can be added until all health conditions have been addressed.

Studies have demonstrated the therapeutic potential of red light therapy as a treatment for inflammatory disorders such as arthritis, migraines and sinus infections. The light helps promote nitric oxide production – essential for healthy blood flow and the body’s natural immune system – by helping promote circulation within the body.

Collagen stimulation can stimulate collagen production, an essential process for tissue repair. Not only does this improve skin appearance, but collagen also strengthens weak joints and muscles to reduce pain and discomfort.

Red light therapy can also increase cellular energy, potentially aiding in the recovery process from injuries. This is because red light fills up a cell’s ATP (adenosine triphosphate) bank – where cells store essential energy needed for normal cell functioning.

Another advantage of red light therapy is its potential to reduce oxidative stress in the body. Oxidative stress occurs due to free radicals damaging cells and interfering with their functions; by producing more antioxidants, red light can help combat this damage while also decreasing inflammation.

In addition to relieving inflammation, red light therapy can also accelerate recovery from injuries and enhance quality of life. The increased energy levels in your system help repair damaged tissues more rapidly, healing wounds and bruises faster than usual.

Red light therapy has been known to promote improved sleep and less fatigue and stress. Other benefits of red light therapy include reduced muscle tension, joint swelling and stiffness, as well as improved circulation.

According to a study, those suffering from chronic back pain have reported relief with red light therapy. After receiving the treatment three times a week for seven weeks, subjects experienced significant reductions in pain, disability and prescription opioid usage.

Research is still needed, but this method of pain management could potentially be an effective alternative to traditional medications and surgeries. It could especially reduce or eliminate the need for long-term opioid medications, which may have serious side effects and addiction issues.

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