Remedy for Insomnia- Falling Asleep 68% Faster with Sounds

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When you are looking for a remedy for insomnia, it would be wise to look for a way to practice relaxed brain states that are easy, and SoundTherapy.com is built for that. The results are incredible, and over 30% of the population in the US has insomnia.

If you have insomnia, you are not alone (but maybe feel lonely about it when falling asleep), and it can be changed with brain training. You can retrain the brain and nervous system to fall asleep easier by reminding the brain of the brain rhythm for relaxed attention. Research for sounds on this site show that when someone is suffering from insomnia, and they practice full body muscle relaxation with practicing the relaxed attention brain rhythm in the sound guide on this site, that they fall asleep more than 68% faster. They also sleep deeper.

We frequently have users say that they have gone from sleeping 4-5 hours a night to 7-9 hours a night in weeks. This includes people who have gone through significant trauma. The research for this process shows the results of the sounds helping the ‘falling asleep’ process by 68% takes about 14-18 listening sessions with muscle relaxation.

There are many different ways to help insomnia. In some cases, making simple lifestyle changes may be all that is necessary to get a good night’s sleep. For example, avoiding caffeine in the evening and establishing a regular sleep schedule can help improve sleep patterns.

You can learn more or sign up for a 7 day free trial at the home page- SoundTherapy.com. Our process has been taught to and used by Staff from The Mayo Clinic, Hazelden, The University of Minnesota Medical Center, The Department of Health and Human Services- The State of Minnesota, and elsewhere.

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