Review of the Lectrofan Sound Therapy Machine in White

Review of the Lectrofan Sound Therapy Machine in White

The lectrofan sound therapy machine in white is ideal for those who prefer a minimalist design and don’t need lots of buttons or lights on their device. Additionally, it’s lightweight enough to take on-the-go; making it the ideal choice for sound therapy on the go!

The LectroFan Classic (available in black or white) is a compact heptagonal device measuring 11.2 x 11.2 x 5.6 cm that fits conveniently on any nightstand or tabletop. Plus, at only 1.2lb (544g), you can easily tuck it away into your suitcase if you’re traveling.

This hexagonal device is excellent at masking unwanted noise, such as traffic noise and barking dogs. Even on its lowest setting, we were still able to block out most external sounds.

LectroFan provides an array of fan sounds and white noise options, from delicate pink and brown noises to louder low-frequency options that may irritate your ears. You can select a different fan sound and white noise option each time you turn on the LectroFan, with simple controls for effortless operation.

Its hexagonal shape makes it convenient to use on a bedside table or desk. The front of the device features clearly labeled controls for adjusting volume, selecting fan or white noise mode, as well as power and timer functions.

The lectrofan sound therapy machine is USB-powered, making it ideal for use at home or on-the-go. It comes with a standard power adapter to plug into an electrical outlet and a USB-to-barrel connector style power cable so you can plug it into your laptop or computer as well.

As with all machines reviewed in this review, this one features multilevel adjustable volume that you can use to set the sound level that suits you best. Furthermore, there’s an integrated timer which will automatically shut off after 60 minutes of usage.

Choose from 10 fan and white noise sounds, including deep pink and brown noises. It is perfect for people who are sensitive to sound or have ear problems.

The LectroFan stands out among other sound therapy devices with its strong bass response that effectively blocks distracting external sounds. This is especially important, as many of life’s most irritating noises fall within the bass frequency range.

Sleep aids such as fan and white noise can also be utilized for this purpose, setting them to a slow & gentle rhythm. Doing so helps you drift off and enjoy uninterrupted rest without any interruptions during the night.

This heptagonal sound therapy machine boasts several great features, such as multi-level adjustable volume, an integrated timer and USB power option. Plus, it has a 3.5mm headphone jack for those who prefer listening privately to their machine.

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