Sex Therapy Techniques For Anxiety

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Sex Therapy Techniques For Anxiety

If you struggle with anxiety around sexual activity or are simply curious what a more rewarding sex life would be like, there are numerous sex therapy techniques that can help. The good news is that whatever your fears about sex are, these therapies will allow you to put them behind you and start enjoying an intimate relationship with your significant other.

Starting sex therapy can be overwhelming, so the best way to get started is by speaking with a therapist who specializes in this field. There are plenty of online resources that can provide you with qualified and compassionate recommendations for a sex therapist.

ReGain is one of these sites, enabling you to connect with a licensed therapist from the convenience of your own home. Plus, its sessions can be scheduled around your busy schedule.

When consulting a therapist, they will begin by asking you questions about your sexual history. While these can be challenging to answer initially, it is essential for them to gain insight into what is causing you distress and where it originated from.

They will also inquire about your current sexual health and what benefits you hope to gain from treatment. This helps them determine which sex therapy techniques could be most beneficial for you.

You’ll typically use visualizations and other techniques to help clear your mind of any negative images or thoughts that could be impeding on a fulfilling sex life. The therapist then gives you practical exercises you can practice at home that will increase comfort in both yourself and with your partner’s body.

It is essential to find a therapist whom you can trust and feel comfortable speaking with. This decision should be taken carefully, so it may be beneficial for you to interview several providers before making your selection.

Talk with your doctor to rule out any physical conditions or medications that could be causing your feelings of anxiety. Additionally, ask friends if they know of any providers who specialize in working with people who have sexual concerns.

Your therapist should be someone you can trust and communicate openly with, so make sure they possess the appropriate qualification and experience in this field. This is especially crucial if you feel uneasy sharing sensitive information.

They can also provide you with exercises and activities to complete between sessions that will promote sexual health and enhance overall wellbeing. These may include communication or mindfulness exercises as well as trying out various forms of intimate touch at home.

Sensate Focus is a couples sex therapy technique that seeks to reduce sexual anxiety by emphasizing touch. Utilizing our senses of touch can be very effective in decreasing arousal and tension, so if you’re feeling nervous about having physical contact, this approach might be worth considering.

Self-touch is another sex therapy technique that can help ease your fears about intimacy. This involves allowing yourself to be touched in ways you are uncomfortable with, such as using your hands or being held by a partner’s arms.

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