Shockwave Therapy for Knee Pain

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Shockwave Therapy for Knee Pain

Shockwave therapy is an effective, non-invasive solution that can provide pain relief from various musculoskeletal conditions. Shockwaves are sound waves that stimulate healing by increasing blood flow and breaking down scar tissue. They can be applied on different tendons, ligaments, and soft tissues in order to enhance joint function and range of motion.

Shockwaves can also break up calcifications, or abnormal calcium deposits that can form on injured tendons and muscles. These deposits can lead to painful, debilitating tendinitis.

Shockwave therapy can usually be administered by a qualified medical professional with the necessary training and equipment. The treatment involves holding an electronic handheld device that delivers small bursts of high-intensity energy for 3-5 minutes each session over the course of 2-3 weeks.

Research has demonstrated the efficacy of shockwave therapy for knee injuries and conditions. One study demonstrated how shockwave therapy reduced pain and improved function in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee while also avoiding surgery. Another study discovered similar benefits with shockwave therapy among individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis, shoulder, or elbow discomfort.

Shockwave therapy offers numerous advantages, such as reduced pain and swelling, enhanced flexibility, and stimulation of cell regeneration to promote natural healing in the body.

Treatment with ultrasound therapy is particularly successful for patellar tendinopathy and other chronic tendonopathies that are difficult to diagnose or treat with other methods due to the fact that pain may not always be localized near the site of injury.

Additionally, shockwave therapy is effective for aiding healing after orthopedic surgery. For instance, if you have hip impingement, surgery may correct the problem but if surrounding tendons and muscles have not fully recovered, pain from the original injury may persist.

Shockwave therapy can expedite healing by releasing growth factors into injured tissue and decreasing inflammation – another key element of many musculoskeletal disorders.

Additionally, research has demonstrated that cortisone can speed up collagen production in injured tissue. Collagen is an essential building block of joint tissue and plays an integral role in healing.

Shockwaves can also be an effective tool to reduce pain caused by calcium buildup in tendons. As this granular calcium is broken up and sent to the lymphatic system for removal, it removes it from the area with reduced discomfort and improved mobility.

Recent research revealed that patients with knee osteoarthritis who received shockwave therapy experienced significant decrease in pain and improved joint function after just a few sessions. The researchers believe this is because the targeted area of the shockwave device stimulated healing processes within the body to remove symptoms.

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