Join us to share sounds that remind our brains of the rhythms of neurons firing in the brain for focus, calm attention, relaxation, and deep relaxation. Thee is a range of sounds like there is a range of mental speeds.

Our members can share their subscriptions with people they know personally or through work. We provide education and guidance to members. Professionals in healthcare, education, or human services can share their membership with their agency and all the people they serve. Members can also ask questions in an online form for professional guidance, and all users can take questionnaires that will guide their choices with sounds. This platform make is easy to share, learn, and find information in one place. The sound tools and questionnaires are based in years of published research reviewed in the Research page.

Here are the Benefits for Yourself and the People You Know:

  • Children and older adults were proven to increase their short term memory by an average of 22% with the focus sound rhythm on this site. They increased focus in general. This includes older adults who want to stop or change memory decline.
  • Adults and children with autism or ADHD are shown to have decrease in disruptive classroom behavior and memory improvements of 22-30% from listening to the focus sound.
  • Sleep is significantly improved by people who use the relaxation sound before bed. It reminds their brain of deep, relaxed brain rhythms.
  • Anxiety has been reduced by 58% more than music and 86% more than doing nothing in hospital patients (all according to research). Most people acknowledge anxiety is a problem for them. Not everyone needs or wants a diagnosis. The percentage of people who have been to a mental health professional and diagnosed in the US is 18.1%. Many more will have easier lives with new, easier tools like ours.
  • Listening to the relaxation sound that is on this site is shown to reduce perceived pain by 77% in research participants with chronic pain. Twenty percent of people in the US live with frequent or chronic pain. The relaxations sounds also lower the need for anesthesia in surgery (according to research we have).
  • Migraines are decreased by our relaxed attention sounds. In the US, 18% of woman and 6% of men get migraines. It will help relationships quite a bit if we cut this in half, and woman tend to share helpful information (including about this site) more than men.

Feel free to read our Research page to review the research.

Listening to the sounds takes about 20-30 minutes a day, has an immediate effect, and you can do it while working or relaxing. The learning and effect builds over time. After 20-30 sessions, most listeners are getting the highest effects.

This platform is directed by a teacher to clinical staff for neurotherapy at The University of Minnesota Medical Center and elsewhere. You can visit his clinical practice site at www.minnesotabiofeedback.com.

Here is a sound sample of a sound that reminds the brain of the calm attention brain rhythms. This rhythm is used for increasing serotonin, and it helps with concentration, migraines, ADHD, depression, and activation of executive functions. The sound plays for just over 2 minutes, and is a white noise. The sound on this site are around 20 minutes, and include sounds for relaxation that helps heal the nervous system. After listening to the sound, you can register below.

Members pay $29/month, and this pays for online brain testing that their guests can do. We then suggest sound rhythms that help certain brain rhythms based on the results of their tests. The membership fees also allow the member to have access to a question submission page in the main menu where they can ask specific questions or about patient cases for advice. All members can share their subscription and split the fees with the people they share it with.

The need for this service is high, and it takes money to pay for research, platform development, and public announcements to help more people with the new technology.

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