Silexan Clinical Trials

Silexan Clinical Trials

Silexan is a non-sedating herbal medicinal product that inhibits the action of calcium channels. It is believed to be a natural treatment for sleep disturbances and anxiety. In addition to its effects on sleep, it has also been studied in patients with subthreshold anxiety disorders and generalized anxiety disorder.

The results of these studies show a clinically meaningful difference between Silexan and placebo in the treatment of somatic symptoms. Moreover, Silexan has a positive effect on physical health. This has been shown in three smaller controlled trials. However, future trials are needed to confirm the findings in larger samples.

The pharmacological properties of Silexan are in line with conventional medications, and they may be helpful to skeptics. Furthermore, there are no serious adverse events.

Compared to placebo, Silexan had a small to medium effect size. More potent effects occurred after several weeks.

A Cochrane-style meta-analysis showed a medium effect for anxiety and a large effect for GAD. Nevertheless, anxiolytic drugs often have disturbing side effects. These may interfere with quality of life and affect driving performance.

In the Silexan trial, patients were given the drug or a placebo in the on-site settings. Various examinations were carried out at day 1 and 8 of each period. For example, the Hamilton Anxiety Rating Scale (HAMA), the Stanford Sleepiness Scale, and drug and alcohol screens were used.

Using a placebo-controlled trial, Silexan was studied in patients with subthreshold generalized anxiety disorder. Silexan improved somatic anxiety more than placebo in four out of five trials.

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