Somatic Sex Therapy and Boston

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Somatic Sex Therapy and Boston

Many people seek out sex therapists for various reasons. They may need assistance with sexuality and relationships, or perhaps have suffered trauma or physical injury and wish to heal in a sex-related way.

Licensed sex therapists work with men and women of all ages and backgrounds who struggle with sexual issues or intimacy problems. They employ a range of techniques and approaches to assist their clients in resolving their sexual problems and creating healthy, rewarding relationships.

Somatic sex therapy utilizes bodywork, hypnosis and other forms of sensual touch to teach clients new or more comfortable ways of experiencing sex and how to be present during it. It is an emerging practice with a few practitioners around Boston as well as elsewhere.

The Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education in Victoria, British Columbia is the only school in Canada that trains somatic sex educators. After taking its five-course program and receiving mentorship and professional development after the second course, students can choose a specialization – such as sexual trauma or body-based psychotherapy – and begin working as somatic sex educators upon graduation.

Although somatic sex therapy can be a healing and educational experience, Calgary-based lawyer Jillian Williamson cautions that there are risks involved. She notes that advertising sexual services and working for someone who receives material benefit from said services is illegal; this means any administrative assistant or anyone else involved in facilitating the sex could potentially break the law.

Though there is some evidence that somatic sex therapy can be helpful for treating sexual dysfunction, its effectiveness remains uncertain and its ethics still uncertain. Unlike other forms of bodywork, somatic sex therapy doesn’t aim to provide pleasure or gratification but instead serves as a vehicle for healing and self-understanding.

Some somatic sex educators view their work as an act of social justice, filling a void in communities that lack qualified health professionals in this area. They believe their work is essential because it gives people with various experiences and needs the chance to find someone safe to collaborate with.

They often work with those who have experienced trauma, sexual assault or gender-affirming surgery. They will assist the client in becoming more present during sex and managing their pain more effectively.

Contrary to some fears, somatic sex therapy is becoming more and more popular as a safe space for those who have experienced trauma to process and heal. It may also aid with pelvic floor disorders or other conditions that prevent people from having sexual relations, serving as an excellent addition to medical interventions for those suffering from sexual dysfunctions.

Julia Barry is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner(r), and EMDRIA-certified practitioner in downtown Boston who offers psychotherapy to adults, couples, families, and mother/infant pairs. She draws upon various treatment modalities such as psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing(r), clinical hypnosis and mindfulness to assist her clients reach their objectives.

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