Somatic Therapy Conference 2020

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Somatic Therapy Conference 2020

The somatic therapy conference is a multi-faceted event featuring keynote presentations, lectures, workshops and experiential practices. The aim of the conference is to promote holistic psychotherapy and assist practitioners in incorporating body oriented techniques into their work.

Dr. Peter A Levine developed the Somatic Experiencing method, a body-oriented approach to healing trauma that draws on neuroscience, ethology, biology, psychology, indigenous healing practices and medical biophysics. Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness in relieving PTSD symptoms as well as emotional/early developmental attachment trauma wounds.

Somatic Experiencing is the only approach that addresses physical symptoms of PTSD through an integration of body, emotions and reappraisal processes. This naturalistic and neurobiological approach to trauma has been taught to over 30,000 therapists around the world.

Trauma is a long-term stress response that can negatively affect both mind and body. It may be the result of one traumatic event such as a car accident, or it could be an ongoing pattern of controlling behavior from parents, partners, friends, employers or others.

Practitioners of all disciplines can benefit from learning how to respond to client traumas in a way that allows them to view them as integral parts of themselves rather than isolated events. This will foster an empathic and compassionate attitude with clients during therapy, increasing therapists’ capacity for helping their patients find relief from PTSD symptoms.

This presentation will examine the key components that contribute to awareness and integration in trauma work, with special attention paid to the interplay between experiential space, somatic reappraisal, and the body. The presenter will then demonstrate how these elements can be strengthened through techniques such as grounding, boundary development and self-regulation.

The workshop will also include a series of short experiential exercises. Participants will receive tools to take away with them, and each session includes time for group processing as well as individual reflection and discussion.

We cordially invite therapists from all disciplines and practice settings to attend this workshop, which promises to be an interactive and experiential event. The seminar will take place in a small group setting and be recorded for participants’ later viewing.

A clinical vignette based on an actual case will be presented. It includes a brief history of the trauma and its impact on the client, an overview of the trauma-focused EMDR protocol used in this instance, as well as time for clients to reflect on their experience during the session.

At this highly interactive and experiential workshop, we invite practitioners to share their insights on working with patients who have endured a variety of traumatic stressors. The event aims to be both informative and motivating for all attendees, serving as an invaluable resource for future practitioners of the trauma-focused Somatic Experiencing approach.

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- Welcome, SoundTherapy.com lowers anxiety 86%, pain 77%, and boosts memory 11-29%. Click on the brain to sign up or share with buttons below to help others: