Somatic Therapy for PTSD

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Somatic Therapy for PTSD

Somatic therapy is a type of mental health counseling that emphasizes the body’s response to trauma. This kind of somatic therapy offers several different techniques, some focusing on using them to address traumatic memories while others use them to help clients gain more groundedness in the present moment.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is one of the most widely practiced forms of somatic therapy. In SE sessions, a therapist will guide you through a traumatic memory and encourage you to pay attention to how your body responds. This differs from exposure therapy which attempts to make you think about and feel the associated feelings without permission.

Other somatic techniques can be employed to address PTSD symptoms, such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). Furthermore, somatic therapists typically possess training in Hakomi techniques which combine traditional therapeutic methods with an emphasis on body awareness.

Sensorimotor psychotherapy is a type of somatic therapy that attempts to heal traumatic memories by reliving them safely and more effectively. It may focus more on the body than somatic experiencing, since it emphasizes techniques not usually associated with the body such as cognitive-behavioral therapies.

When searching for a somatic therapist, it’s essential to find one with specialized training in your desired type. Here are some common ones:

In this technique, a somatic therapist will guide you through reliving a traumatic memory and encourage you to notice any physical changes in your body as you go. It’s normal for physical sensations like pain or tension during this process; these sensations can help identify what’s troubling you and how it could be impacting your life.

In a somatic therapy session, you’ll be guided through the reliving of a trauma memory that has adversely affected your body. As you relive this memory, your therapist will help you notice how the body responds to each aspect of it. However, be advised that this therapy should never be attempted independently as it could prove hazardous for some individuals.

Some somatic therapists integrate somatic techniques into their general counseling and mindfulness practices. These may include meditation, hypnosis, and tai chi.

Are you interested in learning more about somatic therapy? Reach out to a licensed mental health professional in Cary, NC who specializes in this type of treatment. They can teach you how to incorporate these techniques into everyday life and determine if somatic therapy would be beneficial for you.

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