Somatic Therapy Training Portland

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Somatic Therapy Training Portland

Somatic therapy training portland can be beneficial for a variety of mental health issues. This form of therapy emphasizes the importance of the mind-body connection, helping you release stress, blockages and traumas from your body so that you can lead your best life.

Traumas, physical pain and emotional distress often stem from past negative experiences that have been suppressed or buried deep inside you. When these feelings resurface, they can trigger similar responses in your nervous system that caused the initial trauma. You may feel overwhelmed, tense or anxious; sleep may be difficult for you; your immunity may even be affected.

These behaviors can lead to a host of issues in your life, such as recurrent illness, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem. Somatic therapy offers an effective solution for changing these patterns of thought and action so you can lead a healthier and more contented life.

At somatic psychotherapy, you’ll acquire techniques that help your body process trauma. Additionally, these strategies can teach you new ways of thinking and responding to your environment that will strengthen your resilience and create a strong foundation for mental health.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, often referred to as PTSD. This approach has proven particularly successful for individuals who have endured childhood or intergenerational trauma. SE works by teaching individuals how to move in a way that activates positive emotions and reduces the arousal that causes PTSD symptoms.

One specialized type of SE is eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR). This technique helps you process a traumatic memory without triggering PTSD symptoms, making it especially helpful for people who have had trouble with verbal therapy.

Other somatic therapies exist as well. Somatic therapists utilize exercises, movements and touch to help release traumas from your body and teach ways to cope with grief or other feelings which are difficult to express verbally.

The Somatic Psychotherapy Training Institute – Pacific NW is a nonprofit organization that offers somatic therapy training to practitioners and students in counseling/psychology, clinical social work, mental health, and other healthcare professions. They offer both online and in-person certification for these professionals as well as their clients.

By taking our somatic therapy course, you’ll gain a solid understanding of its fundamental principles, how to help clients access their body’s healing resources and how to integrate these techniques into your psychotherapy practice. Our curriculum offers an engaging mix of theory, practice and hands-on workshops and classes.

In the past, somatic psychotherapy was seen as an experimental treatment for mental health conditions. This approach relies on the notion that our bodies contain vast amounts of information about us which can be accessed to comprehend our own emotional states.

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