Somatic Touch Therapy for PTSD and Trauma

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Somatic Touch Therapy for PTSD and Trauma

If you’re struggling with chronic pain, anxiety, depression or trauma, somatic touch therapy could be the ideal treatment. This form of therapy combines talk therapy and body-oriented techniques to help release stress, tension and trauma.

When searching for a therapist near me or online, it’s essential to choose someone knowledgeable and skilled in somatic therapy. Furthermore, make sure the therapist you select is someone with whom you feel comfortable working together.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is an evidence-based mental health treatment that has proven successful at treating PTSD and other anxiety disorders. This therapy often works alongside other forms of psychotherapy like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) or psychodynamic therapy.

SE is a body-centered therapy that emphasizes the role of the autonomic nervous system in healing from trauma. It’s an effective yet gentle treatment option that has proved beneficial for many clients.

The body is an incredible resource that can provide insight, authenticity, clarity and the capacity for change. Somatic therapy offers clients a way to explore their body, emotions and sensory expressions with a trained somatic therapist who works directly on the nervous system.

At the start of treatment, clients may feel apprehension as they touch their bodies. This is normal and will pass as the therapist works to engage their client’s nervous system.

At your initial session, your therapist will inquire about your medical history and goals for therapy. This helps them decide how best to support you.

Your therapist will lead you through somatic exercises to help release trauma residue from your body. These may include breathing, posture and physical sensations. The purpose is to relax you emotionally and physically in a nonjudgmental environment.

Table Work and Touch: Somatic touch therapies provide a safe space to let go of trauma-stress physiology slowly, creating an atmosphere conducive to re-regulation and healthy body awareness. By helping clients regulate themselves, they may access states of calm that other therapies cannot provide.

These states can be surprisingly helpful to someone feeling overwhelmed by their trauma experiences. Although they may be difficult to access, they provide an opportunity for people to regain trust in themselves and their own capacity for managing difficult circumstances.

Learning how to ground oneself is a key step in the healing process. Doing so can lead to self-soothing behaviors that will be helpful in the future. This step is essential for anyone wanting to heal.

If you’re searching for a somatic touch therapist in Denver, make sure they possess expertise both in traditional talk therapy and somatic therapy. Make sure they possess both traditional talk therapy skills as well as compatibility with you personally.

At Somatic Therapy Partners in Denver, you can find somatic touch therapists. This group psychotherapy practice utilizes body-based and other cutting edge approaches to heal from trauma and anxiety. Unlike traditional talk therapy, somatic therapy utilizes the body as an ally in recovery.

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