Somatic Trauma Therapy Tucson

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Somatic Trauma Therapy Tucson

Trauma is an intense physical and psychological experience that can impact all areas of our lives. It may result from one event, like a car accident or being robbed, or from repeated exposure to violence such as witnessing acts of violence or going through medical procedures. Furthermore, trauma may also be due to mental health conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Somatic trauma therapy (STT) in Tucson is a type of psychotherapy that utilizes body awareness to help individuals heal from emotional and psychological pain and dysfunction. It has become widely used for treating PTSD and other mental health issues, offering an effective alternative to talk therapy. STT is founded on somatic psychology, which holds that our bodies possess the keys to our healing.

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Start by finding a licensed professional counselor in your area who can work with you to develop an individualized treatment plan that addresses mental health concerns and helps reach wellness objectives. Many providers accept all major insurance plans and provide both in-person sessions as well as teletherapy options.

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Somatic Experiencing, or SE, is a form of trauma therapy that incorporates physical movement and body awareness. It works to release pent up energy from trauma or other stressful events while encouraging patients to build resources for their bodies like supportive people or pleasant feelings in order to boost internal strength and help them cope with past traumas.

Additionally, it teaches clients to regulate their nervous system through techniques such as titration, pendulation and discharge. These strategies are based on the scientific discovery that animals in the wild respond to stress by quickly discharging excess arousal energy; this helps prevent long-term negative consequences from trauma.

Psychotherapist Elizabeth Fedrick, who specializes in somatic trauma therapy at Evolve Counseling, suggests patients ask themselves, “Where is this coming from?” and “What am I trying to communicate?” Patients can use their bodies to express themselves by expressing emotions, using voices or engaging in bodily movements. According to Fedrick, “Somatic trauma therapy helps the body become more aware of what it is feeling – an invaluable skill in our culture of isolation and fear.”

Therapists specializing in somatic trauma therapy often have additional training and certification to offer other therapies and services, such as massage or acupuncture. Most of these practitioners have completed a three-year training program to gain the necessary skillsets for effectively treating clients who are dealing with mental health and trauma issues.

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