Somatic Yoga Therapy

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Somatic Yoga Therapy

Somatic yoga therapy uses physical awareness to work with the body to release trauma and patterned emotions that cause discomfort. This type of healing has proven highly successful for treating anxiety, depression and stress.

Therapists trained in somatic yoga therapy are mental health professionals such as social workers, psychologists or marriage and family therapists; however, they could also be nurses, physicians, bodyworkers or other health practitioners. Generally licensed, these therapists have completed a three-year training program within their specialty area.

Many therapists in the Washington, DC metro area practice somatic yoga therapy, also referred to as trauma-informed yoga or somatic psychotherapy. This type of therapy has proven successful for treating issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD and chronic stress according to research.

Somatic yoga is a gentle form of exercise that works with your body to release chronic patterns, pains and tightness caused by habit or trauma. As an adjunct to traditional psychotherapy, somatic yoga can help you heal from your past experiences.

Yoga teachers and therapists collaborate to craft an empowering practice tailored to each individual, including guided breathing, tailored physical movement, and other techniques.

Therapists specializing in somatic yoga are specially trained to use the practice of yoga as a tool to help clients find relief from trauma and pain. This makes them an excellent option for those facing mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD or chronic stress; or those suffering from pain caused by illness or injury.

Practitioners of somatic yoga therapy share a commitment to the philosophy and science behind this approach, and are trained in helping clients understand how their bodies respond to different poses and movements. They may also offer massage, shiatsu or other techniques designed to promote healing.

Therapists specializing in somatic yoga may also be qualified to treat various psychological issues, such as eating disorders and personality disorders. These experts can assist you in creating a treatment plan tailored to your individual needs that tracks progress towards reaching wellness objectives.

Yoga instructors and many therapists in this region are also trained therapeutic yoga practitioners. These professionals offer various styles such as Hatha or Restorative yoga and may incorporate meditation into their practices.

Mindfulness in yoga is an essential aspect of somatic therapy. It helps you become aware of the physical sensations in your body so a therapist can focus on them and assist in changing how you respond to them.

Sarah is a Certified Somatic Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance Registered Instructor and Pain Care Yoga Instructor with extensive experience teaching clients with various injuries and conditions. Her passion lies in showing people how to move in a way that promotes wellness and helps them manage pain.

Ebony, a Washington DC native, has been practicing yoga since 2017. She first discovered its benefits in 2015 while seeking ways to manage her mental health and self-care needs.

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