Sound Healing Certification Los Angeles

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Sound Healing Certification Los Angeles

Sound healing is an empowering tool for profound relaxation and transformation, capable of relieving insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression and even PTSD.

Sound therapy is an excellent way to connect with your inner spiritual power. Utilizing instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, flutes and more sounds, sound therapy practitioners create powerful vibrational healing frequencies that induce states of deep relaxation and healing.

If you are considering a career as a sound healer, then it is essential that your training program be both practical and spiritually-aligned. At Sound Healer’s Academy, we provide various programs designed to give you all of the tools necessary for becoming an effective and successful sound healer.

You have the option to attend one of our Level I Sound Healer’s Academy classes or our 100 hour Initiation. With either option, you will gain a solid foundation in meditation, energy healing and sound ceremony.

On this 100 hour Initiation, you will discover how to work with the seven centers of the body and create your own distinctive sound ceremony style. Furthermore, you’ll discover and release any negative emotions that are stopping you from creating the life you desire.

This course will equip you with the skillset needed to become a healer and guide others on their own healing journeys through sound. Drawing upon teachings from ancient wisdom traditions such as Zen & Dzogchen, yoga, neo-shamanism and curanderismo from South America, this curriculum offers insights into many ancient wisdom systems.

Our program is taught by some of the world’s most esteemed teachers of sound healing. You will gain both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience that will equip you with all the skills necessary to become an effective, compassionate, and spiritually-aligned healer for life.

You will learn to apply sound healing tools and techniques in various contexts, such as group meditation, private sound baths, workshops on sound healing techniques and even wedding ceremonies! You’ll have the chance to experiment with instruments like crystal & Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, flutes, harp and more for sound healing purposes.

Additionally, you will understand the significance of social distance and sanitization protocols to protect everyone’s health and safety during training. You are encouraged to practice your new skills with others in order to create community and foster a sense of connection within your group.

Once you complete the program, you will earn an internationally-recognized certification from Sage Academy Of Sound. This entitles you to utilize the SAGE logo on your website and other marketing materials – an effective way to showcase your services and attract new clients.

The SAGE ACADEMY OF SOUND is a worldwide organization that collaborates with some of the foremost teachers in sound healing to educate and train its practitioners about its therapeutic effects. Its annual retreats, intensives and workshops draw in sound healers from around the world for training and education on this practice.

Susy Markoe Schieffelin is a Los Angeles-based sound healer, Usui/Holy Fire III and Karuna Reiki master teacher, Kundalini yoga teacher and inspirational speaker known for her radiant presence and ability to guide people towards lives of self-love, serenity, abundance and joy. She has earned an enviable reputation in this field due to her genuine ability to bring people into alignment with themselves through sound healing, Reiki master teachings, inspirational talks and workshops.

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- Welcome, SoundTherapy.com lowers anxiety 86%, pain 77%, and boosts memory 11-29%. Click on the brain to sign up or share with buttons below to help others: