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My name is Peter Meilahn, and I designed SoundTherapy.com to be an online and affordable sound healing and sound therapy system with easy, clinical guidance. It uses the same guidance that has been taught to staff from The Mayo Clinic, The University of Minnesota Medical Center, Hazelden, The Department of Health and Human Services- Minnesota, and elsewhere. SoundTherapy.com gives people access to sound therapy and sound healing near them. A lot of people search for ‘ sound healing near me ‘ on Google, and can’t find a professional service like SoundTherapy.com.

SoundTherapy.com uses a professional process designed by a clinical teacher to staff from The University of Minnesota, the Mayo Clinic, Hazelden and elsewhere. There is a benefit to using sound therapy and sound healing at home, because the deep relaxation allows people to access deeper beliefs and emotional blocks, while also not straining themselves physically if they are doing it for something like pain. Driving actually raises obsessive thoughts that counter the healing process.

The guidance system in SoundTherapy.com is automated, and follows decision making that is used by licensed clinicians around the world. It is easy to use with a 7 day free trial, and you can share your membership with friends and family.

We recommend that you read a full introduction on how easy it is to use, and the highlights of results in research on the front page by going to SoundTherapy.com. You can also sign up there to try the service for 7 free days.

Thank You, Peter Meilahn, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor

Clinical Director, SoundTherapy.com

Teacher to clinic staff from The Mayo Clinic, The University of Minnesota Medical Center, The Department of Health and Human Services- Minnesota, Hazelden, and elsewhere.

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