Sound Healing Training in Bali

Sound Healing Training in Bali

Sound healing is a non-invasive alternative medicine that uses vibrations from various instruments to reduce stress and promote self-healing. It’s an ideal complement to massage and other bodywork treatments, as well as being beneficial for people of all ages and health conditions.

Music and voices have been used throughout history by cultures around the world to stimulate personal, emotional and spiritual healing. The ancient Greeks played the flute and lyre, Native Americans used shamanic drums and songs, and Hindus chanted Sanskrit mantras in order to promote health and balance within their communities.

Science is becoming increasingly interested in the healing powers of sound and vibration in the 21st century. Studies are revealing that sound can help dissolve kidney stones, lower blood pressure, reduce respiratory rates, calm the mind and relieve depression and anxiety.

Sound healing training courses provide those with an in-depth knowledge of meditation, yoga and chanting with the opportunity to hone their practice and become certified practitioners of this unique form of self-care. Many courses provide workshops and classes where individuals can discover various sounds and vibrations as well as how to apply them for themselves or their clients.

Bali has long been a sought-after destination for sound healing and yoga practitioners due to its deep spirituality and serene environment. The island boasts an array of inspiring yoga studios in stunning settings, from those high up in the mountains to those on the beach.

Udara provides a welcoming space for new yogis as well as an extensive selection of meditation, movement, music and healing classes. Situated amidst Bali’s lush greenery, this boutique hotel and spa is the perfect destination for those seeking an immersive experience.

Samaveda International Academy of Sound Healers in Bali offers the Sound Healing Therapist Training Program to equip you with the skills and knowledge to become an inspiring, trusted, and effective Sound Healer. The program will teach the fundamental principles of sound healing and meditation, giving you the capacity to practice these techniques professionally as part of your profession.

Your course will be led by two internationally-recognized Sound Therapist Trainers and promises to be an inspiring, transformative journey into the power of sound to heal, transform and manifest both your life and that of those around you.

Gain certification as a Sound Healer and Therapist in Bali with this two-week, internationally acclaimed training course taught by two Europe’s top sound therapist trainers who have been instructing thousands of people around the world in therapeutic applications of sound, vibration, and voice for over 23 years.

Your training will provide a holistic approach to sound healing, equipping you with an in-depth knowledge of its principles and application. At the end of your sessions, you’ll have acquired all necessary abilities to provide individual and group sound therapy sessions.

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