Sound Healing Training Online

Sound Healing Training Online

Sound healing is an excellent way to unwind, heal and connect with your body, mind and soul. If you are interested in becoming a sound healer or learning more about this ancient practice, there are numerous online training options available.

The Sound Healing Academy offers various courses to teach the fundamentals of sound healing. These classes are perfect for those interested in using sound therapeutically and/or developing their own practice as a sound healer.

No matter your level of experience with sound healing, this course can teach you the essentials for conducting sound baths. From setting up your space and cleaning instruments to prepping for sessions and dealing with common issues that may occur during a sound bath session, this comprehensive resource has it all!

An intimate knowledge of sound science and its principles is essential for anyone wishing to pursue sound healing. This course will give you the fundamentals, such as sound waves and solfeggio frequencies, along with how to use intuition when identifying and applying healing frequencies on yourself and others.

In this course, you will discover 10 healing frequencies that are effective in aiding physical and emotional transformation. These energies aim to open your heart and free any trapped feelings such as fear or guilt from your mind.

Sound design is an essential skill for those interested in music, film, game audio production or composition. This course will equip you with all of the necessary techniques to master this craft and craft original and captivating music.

You will gain an understanding of sound design fundamentals, as well as how to utilize plugins like Xfer Serum or Native Instruments FM8. With these skills in hand, if you decide to pursue professional work within this industry, you will be equipped with everything needed for success!

If you want to create a healing experience in your own home or public space, including sound into your healing practices is an ideal idea. This course will teach you how to play 7 chakra frosted quartz crystal singing bowls and the Shamanic drum as well as other meditative instruments and how to incorporate various sound techniques into your sound journeys.

Have you always wanted to run your own sound healing sessions but weren’t sure where to begin? This course is perfect! It will teach you how to lead these sessions as well as conduct them virtually. Additionally, we will cover various instruments used in sound healing such as native American flute, sansula, handpan, Rav drum, Tibetan singing bowls and Koshi chimes.

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