Sound Mental Health Acquires The Willows

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Sound Mental Health Acquires The Willows

The Willows is an invaluable program that offers transitional housing for women in recovery from addiction and mental health issues. The housing is intended to aid women and their children in reaching increased levels of independence, as well as supporting mothers whose children are temporarily in foster care due to mental health or substance use conditions.

Launched in 2002 by Sound Mental Health, the program now provides residents with services such as substance abuse treatment, mental health therapy, case management, reintegration into society and referrals to other Sound programs.

Clients of the CDVRT receive therapeutic support and referrals to various resources. These services are provided by Sound team members with expertise in domestic violence, trauma recovery and sound judgment. Moreover, Sound collaborates with three local domestic violence advocacy agencies: DAWN, LifeWire and New Beginnings to coordinate care for these clients.

Reaching Recovery is an innovative, evidence-based model of care that guarantees the right level of treatment for each client. This approach has demonstrated impressive clinical successes and will remain at the heart of Sound’s continued expansion after Covid.

Community Psychiatric Clinic is one of Sound’s largest services divisions, serving thousands of people annually in King County. This acquisition adds another dimension to their broader service portfolio, further improving both quality and diversity of offerings.

This asset acquisition is part of Sound’s strategic transformation post-Covid, and will create a larger, more sustainable business with greater impact in the Seattle area. Furthermore, Sound can leverage Community Psychiatric Clinic’s clinical expertise and reach an expanded patient population within the region.

The Willows, located in South Seattle, is a residential complex that houses women who are pregnant or have custody of at least one child and recovering from addiction and behavioral health issues. Here, they receive supportive housing to develop coping skills and increase their sense of self-worth while aiding them in attaining increased levels of independence.

On average, women in the program stay 15-18 months. Upon completing it, they are assisted in finding a secure, affordable and permanent place to live.

Johnna*, a resident of the program, was previously homeless and had engaged in self-destructive behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, sexual behavior and domestic violence. Through The Willows she was able to successfully manage her addiction and reach recovery; furthering her journey by helping her regaining custody of her children.

The Premera Social Impact grant and the support of The Willows’ many supporters was a significant asset to the program. Its influence has endured and will continue to expand as more women in need of housing, recovery support and family guidance are served through it.

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