Sound Speech Therapy For Children With Phonological Problems

Sound Speech Therapy For Children With Phonological Problems

Sound speech therapy can assist children who struggle with pronouncing sounds correctly. Your speech therapist will use verbal, visual, and tactile cues to strengthen your child’s ability to produce the required sound.

S and z sounds are produced when the tongue is placed slightly back in the mouth and the larynx activated to create airflow through it. This sound can be difficult for young children to master initially, but once they have developed the necessary phonological awareness it should become much simpler to master.

S & Z sounds are sometimes mispronounced as “th,” since the former involves air flowing through the mouth and lips instead of through vocal cords like the latter does. Your child may need to practice making both sounds separately so they’re not making both mistakes at once!

If your child is having difficulty pronouncing s or z sounds, verbal and visual cues will be provided to help them produce these articulations. Humming, turning on their voices, and focusing on tongue placement are just some of the facilitation techniques that may be employed during treatment sessions.

Created by Sara Rosenfeld-Johnson, Talk Tools is a comprehensive, muscle-based technique to supplement traditional articulation therapy. This treatment uses child-friendly instruments to address phonation, resonance and jaw articulation at both upper and lower jaw levels.

Engaging your child in games and engaging activities not only helps them understand the nuances of their speech sounds, but they’ll enjoy doing it too! This approach to sound speech therapy can be fun, interactive, and encourage them to keep coming back for more treatments.

Your speech therapist will collaborate with you to identify which techniques best suit your child’s individual needs and learning style. Plus, they provide home carryover for treatment sessions that can be done at home!

Rhotacism, or difficulty producing the /r/ sound, is an articulation disorder that can impact your child’s speech intelligibility and impact their academic, social and emotional development.

If you suspect your child has a rhotacism, it is imperative to seek speech therapy services as soon as possible to address the problem and avoid further progression and more challenging corrections later in life. This is an extremely serious issue; without early intervention, your child’s intelligibility could suffer significantly.

Suburban Speech Center offers a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to each child’s individual needs and challenges. Your speech therapist will assess your child’s specific challenges and select the most effective solutions, making us proud of our personalized approach.

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