Sound Therapy For Healing

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Sound Therapy For Healing

Dr. Thompson Sound Therapy is an innovative and powerful application of sound, incorporated into therapeutic musical soundtracks. By employing precise resonant frequencies, these sounds can entrain brainwave patterns and provide numerous health benefits.

He has produced over ninety acoustic pacing compact disks and audiotapes that have become best sellers at mainstream book/CD stores for years. His products are used by Holistic practitioners, medical physicians, chiropractors, psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers and massage therapists as well as the general public.

These musical soundtracks have the power to alter a patient’s consciousness by altering their resonant EEG thumbprints in the brain. They can cause changes to autonomic activity, sympathetic-parasympathetic balance and synchronize right and left brain hemisphere activity. Furthermore, these soundtracks activate cellular regeneration and promote healing from stress, trauma or illness.

He has created sounds which can be played through a special sound table or an earphone placed on the head of someone with tinnitus – this technique being known as tinnitus therapy. Vibrations from the sound table are transmitted throughout the body, not only to the ears but also the spinal column and muscles.

Since 1980, Dr. Lee has been exploring sound at his Holistic Health Center in Virginia. Today he is an internationally acclaimed expert on brainwave entrainment frequencies used in musical sound tracks. In 2005 alone he was featured on Fox Evening News Los Angeles, CNN Worldwide Reports, San Diego Channel 10 Evening News, Good Morning America and other media programs twenty times.

His clinical research with thousands of patients and volunteers led to groundbreaking discoveries regarding how sound frequency patterns embedded in music soundtracks can entrain brainwave patterns for sleep enhancement, physical, mental, emotional healing, creativity and peak performance, meditation and personal growth. He is widely recognized as the world’s foremost neuro-acoustic sound healing researcher, brainwave entrainment expert, high-tech personal transformation innovator, motivator and futurist.

Dr. Thompson is a musician and composer whose scientific approach to holistic healing, combined with his natural talents, have enabled him to pioneer Sound Healing as we know it today. His research has been featured in multiple books and articles – many of them co-authored by him – earning him several awards for sound-therapy research. Additionally, he serves as faculty at the Center for Integrative Health Studies in Carlsbad, California.

These recordings use pulsed sound to simulate the “Creative Mind Pattern,” helping you train your brain to more readily access its deepest creative capacities and abilities. Simply play these programs in the background as you work, brainstorm or enjoy a creative activity and you may experience new levels of inspiration, out-of-the-box problem solving, spontaneous artistic expression, and creative flow.

Creative Mind Pattern Recordings incorporate inaudible pulses of sound that reflect the Creative Mind Pattern into an ambient musical soundtrack. This creates a natural rhythm which stimulates the hippocampus, an area in the brain linked to memory, learning and creativity.

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- Welcome, SoundTherapy.com lowers anxiety 86%, pain 77%, and boosts memory 11-29%. Click on the brain to sign up or share with buttons below to help others: