Sound Wave Therapy Beds

Sound Wave Therapy Beds

Sound wave therapy beds provide an experience that can reduce pain, calm anxiety and reinvigorate your moods and emotions. Furthermore, they increase circulation, improve breathing and promote a deep state of relaxation.

Sound waves are vibrations created by natural energy sources like singing bowls, gongs, chimes and tuning forks.

Sound therapy has been practiced for thousands of years to enhance health, but modern science has finally found a way to make it more accessible to everyone.

Acoustic therapy can provide immediate and significant results in just 30 minutes, helping to regulate your heart rate/blood pressure, increase circulation, relax muscle tension, invigorate the mind and emotions, and significantly reduce stress levels.

The Tranquility Liquid Sound Table ™ utilizes water as the medium for transmitting sound and vibrations while you lie comfortably on the table. As our bodies are composed largely of water, our cells will respond to sound waves by shifting their molecules into what’s known as “resonance,” or visible patterns reminiscent of sound waves.

VibroAcoustic Therapy can help reduce muscle spasms, relieve stress and increase circulation. This type of therapy, often referred to as VibroAcoustic Therapy, has been utilized in several countries around the world to treat conditions such as stress, anxiety insomnia arthritis migraines and muscle strain.

Our Sound Wave Vibroacoustic Therapy Tables come equipped with a Clark Synthesis TST-429 Platinum Transducer that delivers full fidelity audio and allows you to feel the vibration frequency delivered from head to toe. A set of Bose SoundLink headphones completes the package, allowing you to listen to your favorite music tracks while experiencing the therapeutic benefits of sound wave therapy.

We offer several music track options calibrated in a lab to match the vibrations of our Sound Wave Vibroacoustic Therapy table. These tracks have been scientifically tested and proven to create an healing resonance from head to toes.

You can select from a wide range of chanting, meditation and music tracks to enhance your experience. During the session, you will lie on a water mattress which allows the vibrations to gently permeate through your skin for deep relaxation.

A VibroAcoustic Therapy table is equipped with a speaker system that sends low frequency sound waves deep into the body, stimulating nerve bundles along its length. These signals are then relayed back to the brain for processing.

VibroAcoustic Therapy has been scientifically proven to increase circulation, reduce inflammation and hydrate your body. Not only that, but it may boost your immune system as well – making it an effective treatment for chronic illnesses like high blood pressure, eczema or asthma.

- Try our sound therapy to lower anxiety 86%, lower insomnia or pain 77%, lower tinnitus 78%, help memory 11-29%, and more (all are averages). It is free to try and share. Repost this information to help others on other networks with the buttons below:
SoundTherapy - listen for an average of 77% less anxiety, insomnia, and pain.