Sounds Smart Speech Therapy

Sounds Smart Speech Therapy

Our qualified and experienced speech-language pathologists and assistants are passionate about helping our patients reach their full potential by intervening early to develop communication, learning, and social skills.

If you believe your child is struggling with producing the correct sounds, consult with their pediatrician or family physician. Your doctor may suggest seeing a speech-language pathologist (SLP).

Your SLP will observe your child using various speech sounds and assess phonological awareness and motor coordination. With their clinical expertise, the SLP can identify if articulation disorder exists and suggest what kind of therapy your child should receive.

Treatment for articulation disorders involves a combination of strategies to enhance your child’s speech. Your Speech-language pathologist (SLP) will first identify which sounds are causing your child distress and then work to retrain the muscles required for producing those sounds.

Another effective tool for articulation training is biofeedback. With this app, learners can view an animated visual representation of their speech and try to match it with an object representing correct production.

Your child can benefit from using common sounds such as animals (moo, quack, nay), vehicles (beep beep vroom crash), exclamations (mmm whoa yay) and other noises to learn the sound of each word. This strategy for articulation practice is excellent and could greatly aid in improving their speech development.

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