South Sound Physical Therapy Lacey

South Sound Physical Therapy Lacey

South Sound Physical Therapy Lacey is your go-to shop for all physical, massage and hand needs. Conveniently located on Yelm and College Streets in downtown Lacey, their licensed therapists are ready to help get you back up on both feet – literally and figuratively. Their services cater to everyone from elite athletes to weekend warriors alike; whether you need effective ice and heat treatments, pain management solutions or some old fashioned pampering and relaxation – South Sound Physical Therapy Lacey’s friendly staff will take care of everything you require!

At Lacey WA Physical Therapy, our team of experts are here to meet all your physical therapy needs and goals. From back rehabilitation and sports injuries to increasing strength and flexibility, our professionals use the most up-to-date patient education and technology to tailor a program specifically tailored for you. No matter your age or condition, we strive to make this journey towards wellness stress free and enjoyable for you and your loved ones.

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