Tech Support


Below is information on solutions for few common problems that people have with using the site or billing.

Website Glitches: The website is monitored and maintained daily by a respected company in Northern California to make sure it is working properly. The site works properly for the vast majority of users. We make sure that there aren’t technical problems. People sometimes still have problems because of their browsers, phones, computers, or internet.  Sometimes people say they can’t use certain pages or sounds properly. One cause can be what is called “cache” in their web browser history. One thing to do that might fix these problems is to do the following:

  1. Close all browsers.
  2. Open a new browser without going to a new web page.
  3. Then, clear all history and clear the “cache” in the history. There are instructions online on YouTube or other places to guide you with the type of browser you use.
  4. Then go to the site.
  5. If that doesn’t work, try another browser or device.
  6. If this doesn’t fix your problem and you want a refund, you can use the section below about refunds. We can’t fix the problem beyond the above.

Changing Your Card Info: If you want to change your card information to use a different charge card, you can in the account page. There is a link there.

Cancelling, Cancelling Late, and Refunds: To cancel, go to the Account page in the menu, and you will see a section for that.

If you cancelled and were still charged, it was because you cancelled after the time of day that you signed up on the last day or your free trial. The free trial stops at the same time of day that you signed up. We are still willing to give a refund if you handle it a certain way. People sometimes cancel after that time of day and think they cancelled in time.  We are fine with giving a refund, but please know that the system has never charged someone too early. We use Stripe.com as a payment processor, and they are highly professional.

You can get a refund for technical problems you have, or because you thought you cancelled in time and were charged by doing the below:

  • Call your charge card company or bank and “dispute” all charges you want a refund for if you had technical problems or cancelled on the 7th day of your trial and were charged. These are the only reasons we will accept a dispute. We will agree to these reasons for disputes, and you will get a refund.
  • Also, ask the charge card company or bank to refuse future charges from us.
  • We do this through the charge card company and banks because doing a refund with Stripe.com (the payment processing), costs us a large fee that lessens our ability to present the service to someone else who would be helped by it. The dispute process from you takes 5 minutes and is a legitimate reason to use this process.

Also, please do not contact Peter Meilahn, MA, Licensed Professional Counselor for support. He developed the clinical quality guidance system, and isn’t responsible for website support.

Thanks, Tech Support

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